Our mission

helping to optimize industrial operations

Modern industrial enterprises must permanently manage a huge complexity induced by changes of customer consumption behaviors, increasing of regulations, sustainable development & energetic transition challenges and a lot of economic & societal uncertainties. In such complex contexts & environments, being able to take the right operational & strategic industrial decisions becomes key!

Our goal is to help operators of complex industrial infrastructures to better globally optimize their operations by using systemic digital twins which are new-generation decision support tools based on systemic approaches. A typical problem that can be addressed in this way, for example, is to maximize business & industrial performance under the constraint of minimizing energy consumption & environmental footprint while optimizing societal benefits.

The Systemic Intelligence group is the software editor of a systemic digital twin solution for managing complex business operations and strategies. Its solution makes it possible to optimally manage the evolution of complex industrial systems such as manufacturing systems, supply chains or industrial infrastructures, which are generally characterized by the diversified nature of the flows they manage, by optimizing their design, operation, maintenance and planning.

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