Our team

Our systemic intelligence team is led by two world experts – Daniel KROB and Antoine RAUZY – in formal methods & tools for systems engineering who are both also serial entrepreneurs. All our core team has a total of more than 70 years of experience in this domain.

Daniel KROB
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel KROB, chief executive officer of Systemic Intelligence, is a former institute professor in  Ecole Polytechnique, the top 1st engineering university in France, currently also Distinguished Visiting Professor in Tsinghua University in China. He is a leading world expert in system modeling, recognized as Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Photo de Antoine RAUZY
Antoine RAUZY
Chief Innovation Officer

Antoine RAUZY, chief scientific & technological officer of Systemic Intelligence, is professor in CentraleSupélec in France and in the Norwegian University of Science & Technology in Norway. He is a leading world expert in system simulation and developed the AltaRica model-based safety technology, currently used worldwide in the industry for supporting safety studies.

Sales Director
Augustin CURLIER
Customer Projects Director
Modelling and Simulation Manager
Software Development Director