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In this section, you will find all the latest versions of our software solutions to download.

WorldLab™ download area

WorldLab™ Suite

WorldLab™ is a software suite that is available in different modules. Some are available for download, others are still in development and should be released soon. (Modules can be downloaded in any country, including but not limited to the United States, EMEA and APAC countries)

WorldLab™ Workshop

The WorldLab Workshop is an integrated development environment  where system modeling engineers can model a given industrial system, using our system specification language Σ™, manage step-by-step or stochatic simulations & optimizations and prototype the associated systemic digital twin.

WorldLab™ Workshop is available in 2 distinct modules: the Wizard module and the Player module. 

WorldLab™ Wizard Module

Product used by the model developers to code in Σ™ language

WorldLab™ Player Module

Product used by the business users to simulate their business scenarios

WorldLab™ Factory

The WorldLab™ Factory is the dedicated web interface for business users where one can simulate a systemic digital twin, evaluate business indicators and compare business scenarios associated with the modeled industrial system from a business perspective. 

WorldLab™ Factory Module

Product used by the business users to simulate a systemic digital twin