About Us

Systemic Intelligence offers a whole new way
for approaching complex industrial operations

To support our vision, we created the unique, full-fledged WorldLab™ solution
combining a systemic & stochastic approach and a dedicated formal language

WorldLab™: a systemic & stochastic solution to optimize industrial operations

Systemic Intelligence is a spin-off from the “Complex systems engineering” industrial chair at the Ecole Polytechnique. We specialized in systems architecting & engineering services and system modeling & simulation techniques to better master industrial complexity. We have disseminated new methods in these fields for 10 years within various industries, mainly in China, France, Germany and Japan, and have developed on this basis the innovative systemic digital twin WorldLab™ technology dedicated to the optimization of complex industrial systems. WorldLab™ especially inherited its stochastic fundamentals from the AltaRica model-based safety technology,

Our two founders

Daniel KROB,
Chief Executive Officer of Systemic Intelligence, is a former institute professor in  Ecole Polytechnique, the top 1st engineering university in France, currently also Distinguished Visiting Professor in Tsinghua University in China. He is a leading world expert in system modeling, recognized as Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Photo de Antoine RAUZY

Antoine RAUZY,
Chief Scientific & Technological officer of Systemic Intelligence, is professor in CentraleSupélec in France and in the Norwegian University of Science & Technology in Norway. He is a leading world expert in system simulation and developed the AltaRica model-based safety technology, currently operationnaly used worldwide in the industry for supporting safety studies.

Our team

Augustin Curlier

Customer Project Director

Christophe Tilmont

Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony Legendre

Modeling and Simulation Manager

Michel Batteux

Software Development Director

Emile Robert

Software Engineer

Learn more about WorldLab™ technology, Σ™ formal modeling language and Systemic Digital Twins