WorldLab™ allows to automatically produce a Systemic Digital Twin from a high level specification written in Σ™ and execute simulation scenarios
to support critical decision making

Systemic Intelligence supports professional users in the use of a systemic digital twin

A solution that inherits 20 years of development

To support our vision, we developed the WorldLab patented technology which is a systemic intelligence workshop that offers enterprise systemic modeling and scenario stochastic simulation & evaluation capabilities.

This technology was built on the proven infrastructure of the AltaRica safety & reliability analysis tool, developed by Antoine RAUZY during the last 20 years and industrially used in many industrial sectors.

Best in class solution

WorldLab™ technology enables the automatic production of systemic digital twins from a high-level specification designed in our Σ™ formal modeling language. These systemic digital twins are then accessible via local deployment of our client machines, when required or necessary (for example for data confidentiality issues), or in software-as-a-service mode.

Modular approach

WorldLab Workshop

The WorldLab Workshop is an integrated development environment  where system modeling engineers can model a given industrial system, using our system specification language Σ™, manage step-by-step or stochatic simulations & optimizations and prototype the associated systemic digital twin.

WorldLab Factory

The WorldLab™ Factory is the dedicated web interface for business users where one can simulate a systemic digital twin, evaluate business indicators and compare business scenarios associated with the modeled industrial system from a business perspective.

Key Features

WorldLab™ technology comes with a variety of unique features, making it easy to integrate simulation data, create, deploy and use a systemic digital twin.

Build and test system models using WorldLabWorkshop, our integrated Systemic Digital Twin development environment

Create parametric models that describe the structure and behaviors of a targeted industrial system using Σ™, our high performance system specification formal language.

Models can be built from scratch or with domain-specific toolboxes. Σ™ adheres to object-oriented programming principles for easier modularity of models and reuse of modeling assets.

Use our interactive simulation technology to debug and validate your models using the integrated WorldLab™ Σ™ Player.

Generate trust in your model by showcasing its purpose and content to your stakeholders through concrete examples using custom interfaces

Craft custom control and restitution user interfaces and tie them to model variables and observers using WIDL, the WorldLab Interface Description Language.

Validate your interfaces with your stakeholders at the same time as your model thanks to the WorldLab™ Σ™ Player. What you see is what business users will see !

Use our protocol langage to define advanced simulation experiments, or design your own custom scenarios using Python

Σ™ simulators can be used in stand-alone for simple interactive and stochastic runs. They can also be integrated into complex simulation pipelines thanks to their API.

Using a dedicated scripting environment, you can build data pre and post processing routines, as well as exploration or optimization simulations experiments.

Use our high-level proofing langage to simplify the development of your simulation experiments, or use Python to leverage on its large community and vast libraries catalog.

Run your simulations locally, or make your Systemic Digital Twin widely accessible to business users through their web browser

A systemic digital twin is an enterprise tool for business users, so their ability to use it autonomously is of prime importance to us. WorldLab Digital Twin Hub allows to deploy a Systemic Digital Twin on premise or on the cloud.

WorldLab™ Factory grants a secure and facilitated access to a Systemic Digital Twin through a web browser for your business users.

Business users can remotely access to model and data, run standalone and scripted simulations and explore the content of a system model of their perimeter in real time.


Get your copy of our white paper: Manage the Systemic Digital Twin of an industrial Enterprise with WorldLab™ and Σ™

Using a systemic digital twin consists in creating & simulating evolution scenarios for an industrial system, executing the corresponding step-by-step and stochastic simulations and analyzing & optimizing their results, in order to manage continuous business improvements. The core deliverable of a systemic digital twin is indeed a set of key performance business indicators for various evolution scenarios, integrating volume & time hazards, of the considered industrial system, on which strategic or operational business decisions can be taken in the most relevant way. This paper intends to present – through an example – our approach to behavorial digital twins which integrate all core features that we just sketched here above.