Systemic digital twins solutionSystemic Intelligence has developed a patented technology that allows to produce automatically Systemic Digital Twins from a high-level specification.
Our systemic digital twin pillars

Our systemic digital twins rely on three main innovative pillars: the CESAM system architecting method used in the design phase, the new systemic specification language Σ™ used in the beginning of the development phase, the WorldLab™ platform that supports the end of the development phase and the use phase.


CESAM system architecting method


Systemic specification language Σ™


WorldLab™ platform
Industry has to manage more & more complexity

Modern industries must manage complex interdependent operational ecosystems such as their supply chain, their production systems, their distribution systems, their customer operations, their maintenance systems, etc., taking into consideration complex economical, political, social, technological, legal & environmental constraints from a tactical and strategic perspective.

Optimization of industrial operations can require to deal with several systemic scales: many industrial optimizations can indeed of course be managed locally at plant level, but many can only achieved at the global level of an industrial company, when some others need to take into account the trends of an economic sector or even of the global economy as a whole. Managing and integrating smoothly these different scales to reach industrial optimality appear to be a key difficulty.

operations rely on operational, tactical
& strategic decisions

Optimization of industrial operations rely on many different types of operational, tactical & strategic industrial decisions.

  • What is the optimal global architecture for an industrial system?
  • What is the optimal design for a new industrial facility?
  • What is the best way to manage an industrial process?
  • What is the optimal way to manage an industrial ramp-up?
  • What is the optimal industrial maintenance strategy to follow?

Examples of strategic industrial decisions

  • How to optimize my industrial lead time during operations?
  • How to minimize non quality during industrial operations?
  • How to optimally reconfigure my industrial production?
  • How to minimize energy & wastes during industrial operations?
  • How to decrease environmental footprint during industrial operations?

Examples of operational & tactical industrial decisions

Our Key partners

EIT Manufacturing is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

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