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Our modeling and simulation tools allow you to make the right strategic decisions. By relying on relevant quantitative business indicators,
you ensure your activity is heading in the right direction.

Optimizing your business operations
This is the very essence of WorldLab™

WorldLab™ is our highly versatile systemic digital twin platform, capable of addressing a wide variety of use cases in areas such as
Industrial Operations | Manufacturing & Supply Chain | Logistics | Transportation | Risk Management

Identifying the impacts of signaling technologies on the performance of an high-speed train line

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Analyzing the transformation of the logistic activities of a maritime hub

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Assessing the overall industrial system of a commercial aircraft with respect to its ramp-up

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Finding optimum architectural design for an automated warehouse

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Our Solutions

WorldLab™ enables business users and decision makers to make better strategic and operational decisions through Systemic Digital Twins

Systemic Digital Twins

Systemic Digital Twins leverage on behavioral and holistic representations to assess key performance indicators and to enable strategic and operational decision-making for complex industrial infrastructures.

Σ™ (Sigma)

Σ™ is our formal system specification language that powers our WorldLab™ solution, enabling collaborative design and simulation of scalable system models.


WorldLab™ allows to produce automatically a Systemic Digital Twin from a high level Σ™ specification and execute & compare business simulation scenarios to support critical decision-making.

Our Services

We provide customer services to support every step of your Systemic Digital Twin journey

Business Study

Need a bit of help to kick-start your Systemic Digital Twin journey ? We provide a comprehensive approach and a tailored proof of concept to meet your business needs.

Scale Up & Integration

We provide end-to-end support that covers the development and integration of a Systemic Digital Twin, adapted to your needs and sector specificities.


Become an expert in systemic digital twins and in industrial process / system modeling by completing our industry-leading trainings.

Customer Support

To those developing and using systemic digital twins, we provide industry-leading expertise and support in modeling industrial processes and systems over time.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our unique technology and our systemic approach to complex industrial management issues set us apart from the competition.

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Our team of skilled professionals, starting with our two world-renowned founders, possess unrivaled expertise in their respective fields, ensuring you receive the highest level of service.

Personalized Solutions

Each customer is unique and their challenges are complex, which is why we adapt our solutions to meet your specific needs, offering tailor-made solutions that perfectly match your objectives.

Actionable Results

Above all, we provide you with actionable results that will support your strategic decisions, facilitate your communication with your team and meet your deadlines.

In the Press

[May 2024] Press article from EIT Manufacturing
“Systemic Intelligence Group, a pioneering software editor company and partner of EIT Manufacturing, is set to disrupt the logistics sector with its groundbreaking project.”

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